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Community Updates Requests


We will shortly be coming out with what updates we personally really want to see in the near future for Tower Keepers. We are in the process of trying to get sneak peaks of the upcoming update and we will post whatever we can whenever we can.

For now, put in the comments below what type of updates you guys really want to see and we’ll make sure Ninja Kiwi sees it.



  1. Tower Keepers should be respecting the own name and find something more interesting for the tower defense itself 😉
    Raising the possible daily attacks from 8 to X a day would be a good start. And a reward boost event also. Why always PvP gets it?

    Give us a hero for the hack weapon. The beserk is alone:)

  2. Profiles for our PVP teams and their PvE setups would be amazing! takes a long time to swap skill sets and gear after my PVP runs to my Catacombs runs.

  3. Guild events !! And more advanced guild features… this game really needs some new contents

  4. Revamp the pvp system? An MMR system for PvP? to enable us to find matches quicker and pit us against similarly leveled/starred/equipped opponents

  5. Revamp PvP system. Maybe with an MMR system that pits us against similarly starred/equipped opponents. Less dependent on keeper levels… goal being to reduce PvP matchmaking times and matches against equals