Flippa Ownership

Current Events 5/14/17


Hero Battles 2x Loot– Get two times the guild marks, valor, prestige, and xp from hero battles! This is perfect for helping your guild purchase rare limited time items from the guild shop, as well as helping you level up fast! Make sure you get your attacks in before May 15th!

Double Gems– From now until May 15th, all gem purchases are doubled in value! If your one of those big gem spenders, now is the time to purchase that $50 pack for 7,600 gems!

Grim Harvests Event– Earn the epic hero “Marull Necromancer”, by completing the Grim Harvest Event ending May 15th. In this event, you are limited to deploying only 3 heroes per battle. To make things more difficult, the recommended level for the first battle starts at a whopping 20. Imagine what level 18 would be like…

Barbarian Skins– Although she is arguably one of the worst heroes in the game, the barbarian now has limited edition skins starting at $5. Ends May 19.

Sorceress’s Adventure– Another campaign event involving the Sorceress. However, this one promises at least 17,000 training points if you complete it. Ends May 16.

Valkyrie’s Expedition– Finally the first campaign mission for the valkyrie has arrived! Obviously this event requires the Valkyrie to compete in (and most players don’t have her), but if you do then you should see an increased chance for Valkyrie item drops. Ends May 22.

Sorry this is a little late, but I will try to do one of these every couple of days to keep you guys updated on anything that is going on. Tell us what lucky loot you have recieved down below! Best of luck!


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