Flippa Ownership

Current Events 5/20/17


Double Gold: Just like last week’s double gems event, this week there is an exclusive double gold event happening in the shop. Make sure to take advantage of this if you want a particular hero in the shop!

Archmage Skins: Legendary hero, Archmage has new purchasable skins for a limited time, discounted price.

Item Quest: For a couple of days, you and your team of heroes may take part in the increasingly difficult “Item Quest”. In this campaign based mission, your heroes will face up to five very difficult levels for a chance to reap huge amounts of rare items. Are you up to the challenge?

Rise of the Machines: The Rise of the Machines event is back once again! Fight waves and waves of assorted machines to potentially receive rare crafting materials.

Hero Battles Doubled: Ending later tonight, Hero Battles are doubled once again. This is a great time for players of all levels to grind PvP battles for quick matchups and increased rewards.

We wish you and all your heroes the best of luck during these events!


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