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Current Events 5/27/17


The events currently happening in Tower Keepers seem to be geared towards faster leveling. Make sure you take advantage of all of these!

Double Gems/Gold: That’s right! Ninja Kiwi is giving us that limited time sale once again, but this time for both gems and gold. If your looking into making a big purchase, do it now to receive twice as much!

Gem Master: Make sure to spend any extra gems you have within the next 4 days to rack up some extra rewards in this side event. As you spend more and more gems, you will move up the reward tiers and obtain ever increasing prizes. If you end up spending an astounding 35,000 gems you will get 1,000 gems back, a legendary weapon, 100,000 gold, and 5,000 guild marks!

Hero Battles x2 Rewards: For 2 more days, Hero battle rewards have been doubled. Not only does this mean more loot, but it also means you will likely be able to find an opponent quicker.

Catacombs: The catacombs will be restarting in 2 days so make sure you get as high as you can before then!

Treasure of the Witch: Earn potions with this event! Finally players have a better ability to obtain the newly introduced potions from the latest update. This campaign event is only open for another 2 days so make sure you grab as many rewards as you can!

Rise of the Machines: If your looking for more crafting materials, make sure you participate in the Rise of the Machines campaign event for increased crafting materials as rewards.

Guild shop: Level 30 Legendary weapon and armor boosters have been introduced this week into the guild shop to help you create the ultimate gear for your team. If your guild is able to muster up 100,000 guild marks for either the weapon or armor boosters, you will be granted 6 of them. Make sure you dedicate all of your points to them!

Good luck to you all!


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