Flippa Ownership

Current Events 6/16/17


Gathering Storm: The campaign based, gathering storm event is finally back! Gather 4 of your best heroes in an attempt to beat 11 grueling levels to unlock the limited edition epic monster Kragnor! Be careful, the difficulty of each level increases greatly each time!

Festival Event: This week’s festival event is the training points event. The training points event is generally one of the easier ones to progress through as large amounts of training points are rewarded through regular battles and each event rewards tier has very low requirements.

New Skins Available: More skins are available for heroes again. New skins have also been introduced to the Paladin Hero. We don’t suggest purchasing these skins unless you are nearly max level as they are costly and don’t benefit the statistics of your hero in any way. They sure do make them look cooler though!

Updates: Ninja Kiwi usually releases one large update every month. As there aren’t many new events occurring right now and the last update was May tenth, we can readily assume a new update will be dropping soon. Keep up to date on our site for when it drops, and tell us what you think is going to be included in this update!


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