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Daily Campaigns Guide – Mason’s Isle


Every day, a new “daily campaign” will be available for you to complete, offering additional (and lucrative if you can progress far) rewards. One of the most important ones to be able to complete entirely is the Mason’s Isle. Completing this daily campaign will reward one incredibly valuable “Void Core”, along with a number of other important crafting resources.


We won’t focus too much on Mason’s Isle 1-3, but a general guide of what level you should be to complete each one is:

Mason’s Isle 1: Lvl 8
Mason’s Isle 2: Lvl 15
Mason’s Isle 3: Lvl 25
Mason’s Isle 4: Lvl 35
Mason’s Isle 5: Lvl 40+

The above is only a rough guide. Depending on how lucky you are with your early hero levels, you may be able to complete them earlier, or may need a few extra levels to what we suggest.

We find it useful to complete all missions from Mason’s Isle 3 and above, as this rewards a decent value of crafting materials, of a good rarity. Mason’s isle 1 and 2 is generally only small amounts of common resources, so only complete these if you are specifically low on these.

Mason’s Isle 4 Heroic Monsters

You best team lineup for this is a 3-1 formation, with a tank that can sustain a high amount of physical damage (so stack armor). If you tank isn’t up to scratch, you should put 2 healers in your team to keep them healed up as much as possible. You will face the following waves, and levels in Mason’s Isle 4 Heroic as a guide:

Wave 1:


2 armored Ogres (lvl 57) in the front line and 2 Vampires (lvl 57) in the back line.This is all melee damage, so just focus on healing up your tank, and picking them off slowly.

Wave 2:


1 Putrid Hulk (lvl 60) in the front, 2 Black Fist Evokers (lvl 57) and a Lesser Lich (lvl 57) in the back.

The hulk is resistant to poison and ice, and the back line is all highly resistant to magic. Focus here on the Lich and then the Evokers. The Evokers can annoying debuff your team to massively reduce their damage, so if possibly try and focus your Cleric’s cleanse to remove this.

Wave 3:


2 Ogres (lvl 56) in the front, 2 Vampires (lvl 53/52) and a Lesser Lich (lvl 52) in the back line.

This one is actually easier than wave 2, just focus the Lich with your range attacks, and keep the heals up on your tank. You will take quite a bit of Physical damage in this wave, so high armor is important.

Mason’s Isle 5 Monsters and Lineup

In Mason’s Isle 5 you will face off against the following monsters:


You will take a large amount of magical damage against this lineup. If you run a tank with taunt, he will need to be able to soak a tremendous amount of damage, and will die often (unless super geared!). We personally have found it easiest with a tanky char that does not have a taunt, like Blackguard or Paladin so the damage is more spread. You just need to be able to correctly prioritize when to resurrect your fallen team members vs when to just keep pushing on without them for a bit until your soul energy replenishes.

Wave 1:


The Beholders here output the most damage, either polymorph/stun them and then quickly burn the imps, or focus everything into the beholder.

Wave 2:


Apart from the sneak attack, all the damage from this wave will go to your tank as physical, so armor and heals are the important factor for this wave.

Wave 3:


The Beholder is once again the high damage here. Once You have quickly gotten him down you can focus the Inquisitor and the Witch at the top. The Vampire lord will have a buff on him which massively increases his armor, so magic damage or waiting for this to drop off is key to beating him at high levels.

Mason’s Isle 5 Heroic

We uploaded the first time we were able to complete Mason’s Isle to YouTube so you can see what build, and how we went about it. Since recording we have worked out it is often better to just polymorph the Beholder and then quickly focus the other enemies down before the polymorph breaks.

If you would like to know what the rewards are for completing each of the Mason’s Isle 5 missions, then here you go!




We hope this guide was useful, we’ll be adding one for the Gold Road and Boot Camp campaigns soon! Let us know in the comments what you thought, and if there is anything else you would like to know!

About us: We at TKHQ are a group of players passionate about all aspects of the game, be it PVP or PVE content. If you’d like to join us, or feel you could contribute great information to the community please get in touch with us!


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