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Early August Update! Version 1.9


Finally another update has been dropped! Version 1.9! This is just a general overview of what we know is in the update. We are hoping to get more specifics soon. Ninja Kiwi was very vague in their update notes what to expect in this update, possibly hinting at some features that we need to find on our own…

This update focuses mainly on the brand new Guild Boss Portal and the first ever Guild Boss: Zaluss the Demolisher! You will have until August 21 to work with your guild and beat this boss for massive rewards!  Don’t worry if your guild isn’t quite strong enough to beat Zaluss this time because it is very likely that even more bosses will be added in the near future.

Statistics of Stage 1 Zaluss:

Attack: 340

Defense: 330

Health: 200,000

Armor: 50%

Resists range from 20-60% for elements and 80% for stun

The other main aspect of this update includes “loads more gear”, particularly for the elite level 30-40 players.

Small bug fixes along with some pvp balancing changes have also been made and are ready to be discovered. These changes plus new equipment will surely usher the game into an entirely new era of pvp! We hope your ready!

We are currently waiting on specifics about the update regarding more in depth statistics of Zaluss in further stages and what the exact balance changes were. Keep checking back for the more in depth review of the update, which is sure to come soon!

Tell us in the comments what you think of the new update!


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  1. This patch has made the game almost unplayable for me, it crashes frequently – I haven’t been able to get guild raid to work yet , the dragon just shows as a white box and crashes the game.