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All Epic Crafted Items Revealed


Below we have managed to get a screenshot of all of the Tower Keepers epic items in the game. Don’t read on if you prefer the surprise and anticipation of the drip fed unlock recipes.


You can find these recipes in chests from either PVP or the heroic mission grand chest. You do however need to have unlocked and learnt all the recipes that come before the epic recipe for it to drop from a chest.

If you are looking for a specific weapon, or piece of item for a class, you can search the page to instantly go to that classes item.

Keep in mind that the resource costs CHANGE as your artisans level up as well. As your items become more powerful, their costs will go up. All the screenshots below were taken with the following artisan levels:

Blacksmith: 43
Alchemist: 44
Engineer: 45


One Hand Hacking

(Cleric, Warmaster, Barbarian, Paladin, Rogue)

ambushers-hackerSpecial Properties
+3% Crit Chance
-15% Enemy Dodge
10% Faster Cooldown to All Skills
+75 Health

One Handed Stabbing

(Pirate, Blackguard, Warlock, Swashbuckler)

dark-defenderSpecial Properties
+3% Crit Chance
+4% Dodge
+100 Health
+3% Armor

Two Handed Slashing

(Samurai, Templar)

doombladeSpecial Properties
+1% Crit Chance
-2% Enemy Dodge
+20% Shadow Resistance
Damage Type: Shadow


(Monk, Shaman)

jade-fist-of-kung-huoSpecial Properties
-0.2 Initiative
+1% Crit Chance
+25% Crit Damage
+150 Health
+7% All Resistances

Two Handed Stabbing

(Amazon, Cavalier)

frostspikeSpecial Properties
+1% Crit Chance
-5% Enemy Dodge
+25% Cold Resistance
+15% Stun Resistance
Damage Type: Cold

rage-of-raegonSpecial Properties
+4% Crit Chance
+2% Dodge
+150 Health
+10% Stun Resistance
+8% Magic Resistance

Two Handed Hacking


earthquakerSpecial Properties
+2% Crit Chance
+180 Health
+3% Armor
+15% Stun Resistance

One Handed Slashing

(Warrior, Knight, Kensai, Ninja, Spellsword)

vorpal-warswordSpecial Properties
+9% Crit Chance
+25% Crit Damage
-1% Enemy Dodge
+100 Health


(Sorceress, Warlock, Witch)

wand-of-endless-sufferingSpecial Properties
+2% Crit Chance
+10% Poison Resistance
+10% Shadow Resistance
Damage Type: Poison
Damage Type: Shadow


(Mage, Druid, Archmage, Mystic)

rod-of-ruinSpecial Properties
+2% Crit Chance
+10% Crit Damage
-2% Enemy Dodge
Damage Type: Fire
Damage Type: Shadow

thunderstorm-staffSpecial Properties
+2% Crit Chance
+5% Soul Energy
+100 Health
+25% Lightning Resistance
+15% Fire Resistance
Damage Type: Lightning


(Archer, Ranger)

wraithwind-bowSpecial Properties
-0.2 Intiative
+4% Crit Chance
+150 Health
+12% Stun Resistance

string-of-godsSpecial Properties
+5% Crit Chance
+1% Dodge
-10% Enemy Dodge
+150 Health
+3% Armor



(Warrior, Cleric, Warmaster, Samurai, Shaman, Spellsword)

dragonscale-armorSpecial Properties
+3% Crit Chance
+300 Health
+15% Stun Resistance
+15% Fire Resistance
+15% Cold Resistance
+30% Poison Resistance


(Mage, Archmage, Kensai, Monk, Mystic, Necromancer, Ninja, Sorceress, Warlock, Witch) 

atheron-robesSpecial Properties
+3% Crit Chance
+2% Dodge
+350 Health
+25% Magic Resistance


(Pirate, Archer, Druid, Amazon, Barbarian, Berserker, Ranger, Swashbuckler, Thief)

great-wyrm-hideSpecial Properties
+3% Crit Chance
+350 Health
+25% Magic Resistance


(Blackguard, Knight, Cavalier, Paladin, Templar)

dreadplateSpecial Properties
+15% Crit Damage
+400 Health
+20% Magic Resistance

strength-of-legendSpecial Properties
+550 Health
+25% Stun Resistance
+15% Magic Resistance


Damage Dealer

bombardSpecial Properties
Canon Ball – Single Target True Damage
Bombard – Deal Damage to All Enemies
Take Aim – Next Attack Deals +% Damage
Deadly – Crit Chance Increased


razor-wallSpecial Properties
Thorns: Reflect Melee Damage
Wall: Immune to Critical Hits, Can’t be Healed or Stunned


runic-constructSpecial Properties
Bash – Deal Damage To A Single Target
Stunning Blow – Deal Damage and Stun
Overload – Gain Attack and Defense
Hard to Kill – When Below 70% Health Increase Armor

Thanks for reading, what do you think is the best crafted item?

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  1. The only weapon i wanted to know how much it was wasn’t even in there…. wand of endless suffering doesn’t say how much it is to craft -_- great

    • Hi Colourfast,

      We probably need to do an update as the latest patch changed it all anyway! But it’s roughly 9 cores, 20 orbs, 123 shards, 103 adamantine, 206 essence and 200 odd wood and steel.