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Tower Keepers Beginners Guide

Tower Keepers is an exciting and highly addictive game where there’s never a shortage of things to do. Until you’ve had enough experience playing the game, it can be difficult to fully understand how everything works. We’ve put together a guide to help you get started or take your Tower Keepers knowledge to the next level.


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Game introduction

Tower Keepers is an in-depth and strategic free to play RPG by NinjaKiwi that utilizes a semi automated, turn based battle system in which you put up to 4 Heroes against groups of vicious enemies in both single player and simultaneous multi player PVP environments.

Heroes List

There are 30 heroes, each with their own unique skill set and purpose.

A strong, single target melee warrior capable of great burst. Soul ability resets all her active skill cool downs.
A ranged sniper, focuses on picking enemies off in the back line of an opposing team. Soul skill hits all enemies in a row for true damage.
A magic wielding caster that focuses on hitting multiple enemies at once. Soul skill rains fire from the sky on all enemies.
A melee, well rounded fighter that can reduce the stats of the opposing team whilst doing her own damage. Soul ability does damage, and reduces the armor of 1 target
A melee fighter that sacrifices his own health and defense to deal big damage to the enemy. Soul skill does damage to the entire opposing team, but also a % to himself
A tanky character able to stun, damage and do some small self healing. Soul ability does shadow damage to a single target and stuns briefly.
A tanky character able to taunt all enemies to attack him, and do some moderate group or single target melee damage. Soul ability increases the damage of your team, whilst also increasing the damage taken by your team.
A healer able to quickly heal single targets, or moderately groups. Also able to cleanse negative effects. Soul ability resurrects a dead team member.
A healer with strong heal over time abilities. Able to reduce the cool down of active skills with her heals. Soul ability places a heal over time on all team members.
A burst melee attacker, able to do large damage but not take much. Soul ability does large true damage to a single target.
A walking tank, able to taunt the opposing team whilst increasing his own defenses. Soul ability increases the defense and attack of your team moderately.
A magic wielder who can hit at range a single target, or the entire enemy team. Soul ability rains down fire on the entire enemy team.
A melee attacker, focusing on stuns and debuffs of the opposing team. Soul ability deals damage and stuns a single enemy.
A magic user focusing on buffing your team, and putting debuffs on the opposing team. Soul ability increases damage taken and reduces damage done by the opposing team briefly.
A magic wield who can debuff and place damage of time abilities on the opposing team. Soul ability hits the entire enemy team and heals a portion back to the necromancer.
A both melee and range character that is difficult to hit. Soul ability stuns all heroes.
A tanky hero that whilst has no taunt, focuses on bringing up the defenses of his teammates, whilst also dealing strong holy damage. Soul ability increases health, attack and defense briefly.
Able to buff his teammates, and also deal ranged damage. His soul ability deals true damage at range to 1 enemy.
A supportive archer, able to raise her teams initiative and assist defensively, whilst also sniping the enemies in the back rows. Soul ability increases her attack and health briefly.
A tanky character that focuses on bringing down the stats of the opposing team, whilst taunting them to attack him. Soul ability hits an enemy at melee range with true damage.
A fast cycling damage dealer at melee range. Soul ability does damage to one enemy and melee range.
Sorceress – A magic wielder able to slow and control the enemy team. Soul ability hits the entire enemy team with a random freeze, fire or poison effect.
A damage dealer able to do both physical and magic damage. Soul ability dispels all positive effects
A quick damage dealer, able to dodge many enemy attacks. Soul ability removes all debuffs and stuns from himself and deals damage to a single target. For a great part composition featuring this hero check out our Swashbuckler pincushion guide
A tanky knight able to taunt the enemy team whilst doing true damage. Soul ability resurrects all dead characters with low health, can only be used once per combat.
A quick moving damage dealer, able to dodge attacks and hit the back line. Soul ability deals physical damage to a single target.
Magic wielder specializing in doing damage over time. Soul ability deals shadow damage over time to all enemies.
A tanky character focusing on buffing his teammates. Soul ability raises the defense and armor of his teammates.
Debuffs opposing team, heals and deals damage. Soul ability does poison damage and heals the Witch.


Within the Heroes section, your squad of heroes can be equipped and upgraded. Simply tap on the hero to get further details, equip better weapons, upgrade their weapons and skills or to simply see their stats.


Hero Options

herodetailSoul skills – Unique to every hero is a Soul Skill which are “charged up” as the battle progresses and can be used at any time with a simple click of the button. Soul Skills range from Single or Multi-Target attacks, Defensive boosts, and even Healing techniques. Collecting enough Soul Stones will level up a hero’s base stats, and Soul Skill.
Star Rating – Heroes also have a Star Rating which can be increased by collecting hero soul stones as loot drops. The Star Rating increases the heroes soul skill level, and enables additional active skills and passive skills to be used.
(Important Tip: Use find loot every chance on your heroes to have a chance of a hero stone, as well as scrolls to level them up quicker. This is especially important in the early stages of the game, as your heroes power grows very quickly with some quick star and skill level ups)
Active skills – Each hero will have skills that can be chosen that are actively used during combat (on a short, medium or long cool down). These will play out automatically during the course of combat, and are your main source of doing damage to the enemies. You will be able to select 2 active skills at the start, and once your hero is improved to a 2 star rating, can select 3.
Passive skills – Heroes also have 3 passive skills that can help either improve base stats (life defense or health) or increase the damage or utility an active skill does. A hero can select 1 passive skill at the start, and later will unlock the ability equip 2 different passive skills.
Equipment – Each hero can equip a weapon and a chest piece. These items will improve the base stats of your hero, helping you do more damage, or reduce damage taken from the opposing team. Be sure to equip the best gear possible at all times, as it makes a huge difference to your characters strength.
Hero class – There are common (gray), uncommon (green), rare (blue), super rare (purple) and epic (yellow) heroes. Generally speaking the higher the rarity the higher the strength of the character (this may change with later balance), but a higher rarity character will be more difficult to rank up due to the increased rarity of hero stones and scrolls.
Training points – Use training points to manually level up your active and passive skills, rather than wait to collect the relevant scrolls. Don’t waste those training points! If you try maxing out all your heroes ASAP, you’ll find yourself in a tough spot later on.


You own a feast hall which constantly provides your heroes with food which you use each time you enter a campaign or catacombs level. The more heroes you send out, the more food is used. Each mission will cost 1 food per level of the hero, the more heroes you send out the more food is used. You will also get 1 tower xp per food spent on a mission. Food will passively increase every 3 minutes based on the level of your feast hall, so be sure to level it up as the option becomes available to you.


(Tip: Each mission has a “soft” food cap, which it can’t go below. So for the best mission reward efficiency, try to match your heroes levels to this “soft” cap)


Use gold conservatively: Heroes cost gold if you want to buy them manually. Do NOT buy just because you ‘feel like it’, it will come back to bite you later. Gold is also a very important resource for crafting. Whilst early a few hundred gold to craft items seems cheap, the later super rare and epic items take hundreds of thousands of gold. Nothing worse than finally being able to craft that epic item, only to have 10k gold in the bank!



Resources aren’t as easy to get as you think. Only craft what you NEED, because those resources burn out quickly. You can search for resources by tapping on the resource icon, and then selecting find.

The resources you will need to collect are below:


Crafting is the main source of gearing up all your heroes. Whilst you will get drops from running missions, and in chests these are generally of a much lower level and power to what can be crafted. You will unlock epic recipes from chests, but you will need to have learnt all the recipes prior to an epic recipe before it can drop from a chest, so start learning all the recipes in a line that you want to unlock those extra powerful epic weapons and armor.

craftingHere’s an example of the type of crafting materials it will take to craft one of the top end weapons.



Gems are used to shorten the time to perform in game activities, or to reset cool downs (like in PVP). You’ll be drip fed gems through achievements and rewards (if you rank high enough) but the general method to get gems is to use real money in the cash store, or to watch ad’s as often as possible. Gems are not required to progress in the game at all, and only absolutely required if you are impatient!



The shop is a place where you can spend your gold on heroes, or your gems on chests and resource packs. You can also buy gems from the store here to spend on speeding things up.


Experience / Leveling Up

As you perform in game activities such as the campaign or PVP, you will gain tower experience. As you level up your tower, you will be able to level your heroes higher, and unlock further features in the game. Generally speaking you will get 1 experience point per food spent, with PVP and Tower Attacks give you a bit more (especially during the bonus periods)

(Tip: The maximum level in the game is level 50)


The tower is another PVP mode that you can take part in, and offers great rewards. You will be able to setup heroes, monsters, and machines in order to protect your  own tower from other player attacks, beginning with 1 floor and a max of 5.

From the PVP menu you will also be able to attack other peoples towers. This will reward you with a good amount of resources and XP, as well as earning renown for your guild to rank help push them up the rankings. You will be able to make 8 attacks every 24 hours, or you can reset this timer for 100 gems.


You will get great rewards from successfully attacking another players tower:



Preset challenges which upon completion give rewards. in-game accomplishments you achieve throughout your entire play through, your daily missions can also be viewed here.

You will get daily mission each day, that reward gold, food, scrolls and portal stones. Be sure to try and complete these each day, as if you don’t complete it, it will not reset (and this costing you 1 daily quest for the next day!)

Daily missions range from winning PVP activities (like attacking towers), upgrading equipment, leveling heroes, crafting items or completing campaign missions with set heroes.

Feast Hall

Here is where you can upgrade, view, and feast on your food storage. Small Feast, Large Feasts, and Grand Feasts each give valuable resources, experience and portal stones without the need to battle. You will unlock a feast hall level upgrade every 5 levels, so be sure to store a bit of excess gold.

feasthall(Tip: As you can see below the final feast hall upgrade (to level 10) costs 250,000 gold, with a level 9 feast hall costing 200,000)

Heroic Missions

Special “Mini Missions” in which you place one of your heroes and send them off for some time to retrieve scrolls, components, gold, etc. Once you have completed any 10 heroic missions, you will be rewarded with a heroic chest. This contains a large amount of gold and resources, and also has a high chance for epic crafting recipes.


Wizard Tower

A magical tower filled with increasingly tougher opponents as you progress. Using a ticket gets you further as long as you vanquish the current enemies in that specific floor. Fighting in the Wizard Tower does not require the consumption of your food supply.

wizardtower(Tip: If you die, the monsters health does not reset for the next attempt, so it might take a few tickets to beat some of the harder floors.)


Much like the Wizard Tower, here you place up to 4 heroes to defeat enemies which earns rewards. The more wins you get, the more milestone rewards you will achieve. Catacombs do not require tickets, but instead use your food just as a normal mission would.



Click through the main door and you shall then see the story mode levels which you unlock as you go, each level having 3 difficulty levels. The first time you complete each mission, you will get a chest with bonus rewards, ranging from extra resources or gold, to monsters for your tower!


Every day there is also a special campaign that offers specific rewards, these being:

Gold Road – Extra gold for every completed mission

Masons Hall – Extra crafting resources for every completed mission (this is one of the most valuable, be sure to complete it each day! Check here for our Masons Hall guide.

Boot Camp – Extra hero training points for every completed mission.

(Tip: Whilst the bonus campaigns gold road and boot camp may not seem that valuable early in the game, you will run out of both gold and training points very quickly at the end game, so start stockpiling now!)


If you choose to make your own guild, make sure you get a couple of friends who are willing to work hard to get your guild good prizes. To get prizes, every member needs to successfully win a team battle, and then assign their battle tokens to a prize in the guild store. Work together and coordinate, as the prizes don’t last in the store forever.

In a guild but want to talk together or with other players? Join our discord channel, and get your own private guild channel as well here.


Battles are a crucial part of Tower Keepers. You will need to practice these and get good at them to progress in both the PVE and PVP content. We have a number of guides on the site which can help you with the specific areas of battling, but it is important to remember a few key points in every battle:

  • Battle formations are more important than they seem. Defensive, Offensive, Tactical? Hero Placement is crucial.
  • Know how to help specific heroes: You can highlight a specific hero by simply tapping on them. By doing so, moves such as healing and buffing will be applied specifically on them, instead of the move picking a random hero.
  • Targeting enemies can be vital to success: From up-front to range attacks, it’s very important to know what enemy to target. Want to land a killing blow on an enemy? Make sure to highlight them first, otherwise the move attacks at random! Be sure to target the most dangerous foes, or switch targeting at the right times to make sure you cast a spell like polymorph on the right opponent.

Check out our PVP Guides or our PVE Guides for more specific help

PVP – Attack Tower

The PvP involves building your own multi-leveled tower and equipping it with a bunch of different craftable defenses, monster units, and heroes. An opponent player will then try to assault your tower and will earn rewards if they successfully take out your defenses and reach the top of the tower. Raid another’s tower if you’re brave enough, and win rewards if you overtake their keep!

PVP – Hero Battles

PVP hero battles start of as 1 team vs 1 other team of 4 heroes. Often the best way to win these matches in the early levels is to just play your strongest heroes, with a tank and a healer.

Once you get to tower level 30, you unlock PVP tier 2. This is where things start to get interesting! You will now need to have 3 teams of 4 heroes, and win a best of 3 rounds (first to 2 wins). Hopefully you haven’t been focussing too heavily on just your core team. The transition from tier 1 PVP to tier 2 is a tough one, with many people not winning games for some time. Once you get the hang of it though, it is one of the most fun modes in the game!

Finally once you hit level 50, you will reach PVP tier 3. The only difference in this tier, is you will ONLY face off against other level 50’s.


For more info check out our guide on building your ultimate hero team for PVP Hero battles and our list of current hero PVP strengths and weaknesses.

News / Events:

Gives information on current special events and store packs.

About us: We at TKHQ are a group of players passionate about all aspects of the game, be it PVP or PVE content. If you’d like to join us, or feel you could contribute great information to the community please get in touch with us!


  1. Help! I have acquired a battle chest and some battle keys, but I don’t know where/how to access them so I can open them!
    Is there a menu I’m not seeing?!

    • When you go to hero battles, on the far left there should be a list of the three tiers of battle chests along with the amount of keys you own. The battle chest you received should be colored/highlighted. Click that. Good luck!

  2. I’ve noticed that the archmage skills ‘Crushing Fist’ and ‘Polymorph’ both say short as their cooldown, but Polymorph’s cooldown is much longer. Is short just a range of values, or is it a glitch?

  3. itzcallumboiiz on

    I don’t understand I aquired some weapon boosters but I haven’t got a clue how I’m meant to use them on my weapons can someone help?

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