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How to get TONS of GOLD!!!


Beware, this strategy requires you to spend money, but you can end up getting up around 4x as much gold for it (the math is sketchy). This process is not difficult to execute, but it is time constrained. First thing you need to do is wait for the 2x gems event to come around. It is generally a weekly event so make sure you buy gems when it ocurrs. Once you have your gems, you have to wait for the 2x gold event to happen. You probably see where I’m going with this… Now you have twice as many gems to buy twice as much gold with! The only disadvantage of this is that since you get more gold for your buck as you spend more, and you are forced to buy the smallest amount of gold with gems, the math doesn’t come around to exactly 4x gold. However, in the end if you want a new hero in the shop or need crafting gold, this is the way to go. Hope this helps!

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  1. Eh.. When people click this,they will be expecting an article about how to farm gold,or the places you can find gold. It doesn’t take insane math to determine you will be getting more gold if you wait for x2 shop events. An article about good gold farming routes/strategies would be cool.