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GivA’s Journal – The Game, The Guild, The Cleric, The Choice



I am in a dream state… It is a horrid nightmare…
I see the fighter, taunting me with his 39/40 soul stones…

I see the barbarian, laughing mid-jump, and I know he will miss…

I see the blackguard, my powerhouse in the weakling ranks, smited down by that damned fool kensai
I see the the cleric, valiantly upholding morale, like a a cleansing ever helped when your whole party is missing 700 atk. Hell, let’s throw in some missing defence while we are at it!
How will I ever forget the zombie with 5% health, snickering, pointing his club to the timer that stands at zero…
How can my rage perish, when the druid is health pimping every god damned troll! Why won’t you die!
But I also remember the good times…
I remember bomb-rushing that zombies cousin in the Wizard Tower, while the “Ninja-Paradox” holds off the melee hoards that stand back, baffled my black smoke.
How will I ever forget the day I proudly joined my guild as one of the first members? And under the leadership of a great guild leader, we rose through the ranks, kicking every inactive newb to the ashes, not forgoing any spoils of war.

And from the ashes I saw the officers of my guild gradually rise to the top, and they have come to adhere to the finest principles of what camaraderie and sheer force will bring a united guild.

And the strategies….
Never, ever forget:
The Ninja Paradox, The Meta-Wave-Player, The Kensai build-up, The debuff-samurai-combined with: “whatever you have already won since he rage quit after you killed his druid”….
I hope this is a short introduction to how I see the game, the heroes, the villains, and my guild. Enjoy if you dare!


Game Theory is a “hobby” of mine. I agree it is a weird hobby to have, but it is fascinating to see it used to a degree unintentionally by my guild leader, guild officers, and us regular members.
I remember playing Prince of Persia with my brother, and we always did better when we talked together about the game. We were typical brothers at the time, fighting and blaming, as brothers should do. But we never argued about the games… Sure, we argued who should play, but never about game strategy or theories we had to optimize to win the next level.
We had one part that we always failed, a pair of “cutters” that would always get us. There was so much frustration, so many debates, so many “button-calculations”….
Left, left, left, jump, damn, ded….
Left, left, double-left, damn, ded….
Hold left, jump, ded, no?, WHAT, IT WORKED, OMG
My brother hadn’t come home from school, and I just sat there in awe of what just came about. I was stunned, I was… The youngest kid on the block, and I just beat something everybody had problems with. Not only did I beat it, I probably found a “holy grail”, probably a bug. Running left into the abyss, jumping almost whenever you felt for it (as long as you held left all the time) into the jaws of death.
Now, for all of the confused readers, this was in 1991-3. I was 5-8 years old. I remember the situation, and I often hear the story from my brother. It is a good memory that i hold dearly.
This particular  memory comes back to me from time to time. And it is clear in my mind every day now, looking at the activities of the guild I am in – which I am so glad to be a part of – an hour or two everyday.


You see, when I first joined Tower Keepers not so long ago, I naturally joined a guild to find out what the benefits where. It was sadly a sore sight, and being an experienced and older player, I have a short “fall of grace” if you will on the games I play. After a short while I quit the guild, but the game in itself held me from quitting. I really liked it, and I could mention that I am a sucker for clerics.
Not to go into a new story from my childhood, but I have been a cleric since D&D 3.0 (turn undead, represent!). I am an addict on clerics. They might open a rehab center, I would not be a patient. I like this “mental disorder”, the love of healing and party support.
So I stayed on with Tower Keepers, did my daily quests, other stuff, and I logged off. Happy enough, but not satisfied.
Until I joined as on of the first members of my current guild. Now I haven’t asked permission from my guild to write about them, so I will do so as close to anonymous as possible. But what our guild leader did with our clan is nothing exceptional, it’s just basic game theory, and that is why we are in the top 10%, with 2/5ths of our guild open for new members.
Just to clarify, this is in the world of Tower Keepers, and probably a lot of other games, a statistical outlier. Or to use other words, the weird guy in the corner at lunch, you remember him? Who just aced all the tests? I feel that’s my guild, and that makes me proud!
I remember joining and immediately our guild leader greeted me, laid out the “demands” of staying in the guild, and we were off to the races. Suddenly, form the first guild I joined, the one other active member suddenly joined the same clan as me! I kind of shouted in the chat to our guild leader: “make him an officer, omg! you will not regret!”. He is our current nr.1 rank in our guild. He is easily top 50% of Elysium, the number one clan. And he is staying with us, not moving on which would be natural.
So how did we get to the top 10%, with 24-31 players maximum? Well i am not going to start explaining the different aspects of specific game theory. I would just fall on my ass and look stupid. Nut, I think one factor is the strict adherence to guild demands.
So listen up guild leaders! Be strict, coordinate with your officers for guidance, and kick your weakest 10%. It is harsh, but we regular players will always find a guild. And the “afk’s” will always be able to play the game in a clan with a more fitting work schedule. At least they won’t be joining, sitting quiet in the corner of your guild, not doing a damned thing. I’d rather trade my blackguard with a 1 star pirate  (GHASP!).
And listen up officers! Protect you guild leader, back him up, offer advise, be a “consigliere“, either in war or in peace. There are so many strategies, there are so many viewpoints, there are so many variables to discuss!
I have a VR-compatible computer, but my blackguard just got 3 stars…
So before I sign off on something that can become a regular weekly personal “rant”, I give you this advice:
There is no wrong! There is only your preference, and finding the guild that has the same thoughts!
Go forth, friends! Never let a soul rend hold you back! Never let a vicious strike bring you down! I’ll never leave my guild! I will never leave my guild leader! I am never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you…
Until next time,

DISCLAIMER: This article may not represent the views and opinions of towerkeepershq. This is a test article to get a single player’s point of view out to the community at large, in hopefully a funny way. This article will be a “live-update” article. It could be changed to fit the writer’s new insights or knowledge about the game. But there will always be an explanation in the end of what, when, and why something got changed.


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