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May Update Notes


May 1st and 2nd Update Notes

May 1st

Valkyrie: the valkyrie is a brand new hero to Tower Keepers she is an Epic Warrior Hero that is just as powerful as she looks. Her attacks include a basic attack, lightning attacks, a little bit of healing, and even stealing soul energy! All of her passive skills are to boost her already massive attack stats. Overall, she has decent but not great health for an Epic unit, good defense, and good attack.
Potions: an entirely new aspect to Tower Keepers combat has been released… Potions! Three potions can be taken into battle at once and are used to ressurect allies, heal, gain soul energy, become immune, or increase attack. Potions can be obtained through completing campaign chapters, through rewards, or bought with a starting price of 200 gems or 5 dollars.

Keeper Level Increased: Keeper levels have been increased to level 55. Although it may not seem significant, it foreshadows more content coming shortly for higher level players…

Minor Bug Fixes: Nothing significant


May 2nd

Save Data Bug Fixed: Players have had issues with recent progress not being saved. NinjaKiwi quickly adressed this problem the very next day, fixing this update.


Overall Notes:

The early May update is arguably the biggest update Tower Keepers has ever seen. Ninja Kiwi has exemplified the fact that there is so much more content, events, heroes, and aspects to the game that are yet to be explored. We would not be surprised to see a lot more new content coming out within the next month.

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