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PVP Best Non-Epic Heroes to Use June


Although Epic heroes aren’t that difficult to get, leveling them up and evolving them with soulstones is a tedious task. Today, we have put together the top 5 non-legendary heroes to use in your team.

Samurai: The samurai is arguably the best well-rounded tank in the game next to the paladin. The samurai can be thrown in the front lines and take all the hits with ease, thanks to his massive armor percentage, naturally high health, warrior’s challenge ability, and chain armor. Though he is a “rare” hero, his soulstones are not rare to obtain and if needed, the purchasable beginner pack contains 11 of his soulstones to use.

Cleric: No surprise. The Cleric has remained one of the most powerful heroes inside of Tower Keepers since the game has been out. Her “common” rarity makes her soulstones very common and easy to obtain. What makes her so unique is all five of her healing abilities. If you put a healing ability in each of her slots, the Cleric can constantly heal an entire team. The druid is the only other healer with as many abilities, but her “rare” status makes her soulstones more difficult to obtain and her healing skills have a longer cool down.

Spellsword: Probably one of the most underplayed heroes in the game is Spellsword. Since his main skill is to deal damage, he is somewhat beaten out by Epics such as the Archmage and Necromancer, but if you don’t have those epics then use Spellsword. He is most well known for his constant, high damage, lightning attacks. Because most people don’t generally care for lightning resistance on their heroes, Spellsword is able to pierce through any armor and deal 100% direct lightning damage, making him incredibly deadly. His two lightning attacks at fast and can be spammed throughout a match. Spellsword also has the ability to heal himself quite often, but we recommend replacing that skill with “haste” because it will further decrease the cool down of his lightning attacks.

Mage: Definitely the most unpredictable hero in the entire game is the mage. Although squishy, the mage has an assortment of different element AoE attacks up her sleeve. Fire, lightning, poison, ice, you name it she’s got it. She has no physical damage attacks, only elemental which makes her incredibly hard to resist when she attacks. If you ever see her in a pvp fight (which isn’t common), you better hope you’ve got a team of high health heroes!

Shaman: Fairly tanky, high attack, high defense. The shaman isn’t “great” in any one particular area, but is instead good in all. Naturally he has the skills to be a team’s main damage dealer while having all of the healing abilities and health to be a tank. If you use him, we highly suggest equipping the “Fire Aura” skill as it excels in both attack and defense on the Shaman’s part.


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