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PVP Hero and Team Building Guide


We’ve written the below guide to help you work out what sort of PVP team, and which heroes are strongest to help you win your team battles. Whilst the game is very new, concepts will constantly evolve as people work out what combinations work best together.

The most important thing to remember right now when building for team battles in Tower Keepers is that at tower level 30, you will need 3 teams of 4 heroes. So be prepared by not pouring all of your resources into just 4 heroes, as you will need to win at least 2 rounds to win the match!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to put together 3 teams of 4 heroes to get those much needed wins. Right now there are 2 archetypes that are dominating the PVP leader-boards that we have seen.

Burst or Rush Teams

These can range from all an all out offense lineup, to a 3 offence, 1 defense lineup (most popular).

Here’s a couple of examples of a Burst/Rush team (ignore the hero levels and stars):

               (1 Defense, 3 Offense)                                       (All Out Offense)

rushteam1     rushteam2

Defensive or “Stall” Teams

These teams are about out lasting teams without a healer. Your goal is to just chip away at the opposing team, whilst easily keeping up all your heroes. The key is having 2 tanky heroes, that can still do a bit of damage. I wouldn’t attempt this lineup without a decent Blackguard, as he fills this role perfectly.

                 (Tanky Team 1)                                               (Tanky Team 2)

defensiveteam1     defensiveteam2

Specialized Teams

As you level up all your additional heroes, you will start to get synergies available to your team lineups. One such that is being used to great power at the top ranks of pvp is the “Stun Team” which focuses on heroes that dish out stuns and heroes that do extra damage to stunned heroes.

           (Specialized “Stun Team”)


The key to making this type of lineup (and the fighter could easily be interchanged with the Warmaster, or others) is to successfully time your abilities to hit opposing heroes when they are stunned for the extra damage, or to lineup your blackguards soul ability which stuns just before your Thief and Blackguard use their abilities.

Balanced Teams

A balanced team usually consists of a healer, a tank and 2 dps. The most popular tank for this combination is the Warmaster, with his ability to make up for the lesser defense, and lesser offence of this type of lineup.

          (Balanced Team)



We hope this has given you some ideas to take into your PVP team battles. The game is young, and these strategies are constantly evolving in such a young PVP meta. Think we got it wrong? Or maybe we helped? Please let us know in the comments so we can keep improving!


About us: We at TKHQ are a group of players passionate about all aspects of the game, be it PVP or PVE content. If you’d like to join us, or feel you could contribute great information to the community please get in touch with us!


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  1. There are some AOE teams that are fairly successful as well– one example is Kensai (Whirlwind strike and both other actives dmg boost abilities, passives set for cooldown reduction and bonus atk), Archmage (Poison Cloud, Disintegrate, Beam of Death), Warlock and buffbot Warmaster up front.

    Also, I know it’s mentioned elsewhere but having good gear that is enchanted to a decent level is the most important aspect of winning hero battles.