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PVP Meta Report #3 – January


Welcome to 2017! Global release should hopefully now only be a couple of months away, time to start getting your overpowered heroes leveled and geared ready to take on the masses! (Hopefully!).


Things certainly slowed on the PVP front during the holiday period and it became quite hard to find matches in the high 40/50 ranges. We found we were matched against similar or the same people consistently, which made it hard to test a large range of different heroes.

This month we put some effort to testing some of the lower played heroes, and were a little surprised with some!

If you want some tips on how to assemble a powerful team, you can read  one of our other guides focused on this  here

Exceptional Tier (Pick of the heroes. Make sure to focus on these heroes if you want to do well)

arrow-144-xxlBlackguard – Moves up into our #1 spot. Amazing tank, amazing damage, key in any lineup.
– Moves down to number 2 as people start to work him out, and get more epic armor. Still has amazing damage, and amazing control, so unlikely to fall too much further..
arrow-144-xxlAmazon – We can’t get enough of the Amazon, and others are starting to cotton on to her strength! Only good with her epic weapon “Ice Barb” but once she has this, she has exceptional cycle and damage, able to rip through tanks and DPS alike.
– Hold his spot, still a great hero to level as he only needs the “Fist of the Dark One” weapon to be exceptional, which is extremely cheap by comparison to other epic level weapons.

Great Tier (Still very strong heroes, focus on keeping these leveled also)

down_download_circle_arrow_menu-128Kensai – Drops into the great tier due to his “squishyness” still able to output a lot of damage, but is being outclassed slightly by the above heroes.
– Holds steady. decent tank and best run in the back line so you can resurrect your tank and potentially a DPS or two during the fight.
signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Spellsword – Mass dispel utility will hold Spellsword in this tier close to permanently in it’s current form.
arrow-144-xxlSamurai – Huge jump for the Samurai up from the Average tier. His debuff and tank is a deadly combination, slowing the opposition team down so you can out rush them. Difficult to counter as you can’t cleanse your entire team.
arrow-144-xxlRanger – Moves into the great tier. We’ve been doing some testing after being able to craft her max level epic bow, and her tankyness combined with consistent damage output has made her an extremely valuable addition to our PVP teams.
– The nerf hurt Druid, but she still holds her spot as the best PVP healer. Her soul ability is important to help counter the mass AOE damage.
down_download_circle_arrow_menu-128Necromancer – Just holds onto his spot in the great tier due to his debuffs, his damage output is average to good, but reducing the defense of the front line tank, while also debuffing the enemy teams damage has proven to be a great strategy.

Good Tier (Heroes that offer good utility, or decent damage)

signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Cleric – Cleric is starting to see less play, as the meta seems to be moving away from healing your team, and more towards debuffing or rushing the other team. Her heals are a little lackluster when compared to the druid also.
arrow-144-xxlWarlock – We crafted the “Wand of Endless Suffering” wand to test out the Warlock and found she was able to put out a decent amount of damage. Will need a bit more testing over the next month but she looks to have potential to climb further, a current “sleeper” hero potential.
signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Archer – Hold steady with not much change, still has good damage and fast cycle, but very weak defensively.
Warmaster – Showing as a favorite still. If ignored can greatly assist teams, but Spellsword is a hard counter, and not as tanky as other options if you need a tank.
Knight – Holds steady as one of the better all out tanks, without much else.
arrow-144-xxlMonk – We’ve started to test the monk a lot more, and others are finding him to be very useful, another “sleeper” hero that may well rise further in next months report.
arrow-144-xxlBarbarian – We’ve been testing the Barbarian with her epic weapon, and whilst the true damage proc’s are very valuable, her ability cycle is very slow which holds her back from jumping too high in the rankings..

Average Tier (Use if you must, or in a specialized lineup)

down_download_circle_arrow_menu-128Thief – We’ve bumped Thief down into the average tier as other heroes are starting to out perform him and his kit is not proving to be overly useful currently.
– Decent tank, lacking a taunt. Provides good defensive buffs, and his avenge ability to one shot a lot of DPS if they are not prepared.
signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Mystic – Still not seeing much use, we are looking at testing her out over the next month to see how strong she is.
signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Cavalier – Rarely seeing use still, soul ability is too difficult to time for it’s heavy cost in defense for your team.

Bad Tier (Could be made to work with exceptional gear or a specialized lineup, but generally better options)

signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Ninja – Still doesn’t appear to offer enough damage with his low defense.
– Not found to be useful in PVP, key abilities are cast too late in the battle to offer any impact.
signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Swashbuckler – Relying on RNG isn’t the best idea when you only have 8 free PVP matches every 8 hours! Very hit or miss. #makeswashgreatagain
– Has a bit more utility than the mage, but is still lacking in the damage front currently.

Trash Tier (Don’t bother with these heroes until they get a change in a patch!)

signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Witch – Not enough damage or utility compared to others.
– Very poor damage, no utility
 – Poor damage, not very tanky.
– Poor damage, kills self far to easily, needs a kit rework to be viable.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below on which heroes YOU think are not rated correctly in our Meta Report.

About us: We at TKHQ are a group of players passionate about all aspects of the game, be it PVP or PVE content. If you’d like to join us, or feel you could contribute great information to the community please get in touch with us!


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