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PVP Meta Report #4 – February


Welcome back to this months Meta Report! This report should serve as your starting point when trying to work out which heroes are the best for you to focus on if you want to do well in PVP battles over the next month.


This month we’ve decided to do things a little differently this month. We’ve brought in a guest in to do the report! This month Ravenplus will be doing both our rankings and hero commentary. For those that don’t know him, he was one of the first to get to level 50 and is the current overall leader for team battle PVP (you can see all our leader boards HERE). Ravenplus is a big contributor to our strategy channel over at the Tower Keepers HQ discord (you can join discord HERE for free and take part in the discussions)

If you want some tips on how to assemble a powerful team, you can read  one of our other guides focused on this  here

Exceptional Tier (Pick of the heroes. Make sure to focus on these heroes if you want to do well)

signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Blackguard – Good on tank/DPS and crowd control and hold steady as the best hero currently in PVP.
arrow-144-xxlShaman – Cycles fast, high attack, decent armor and Earthen Strike is very fast whilst also providing line damage.

– Drops down a bit due to slow skill cycling and damage can be countered by high DEF and resist from epic armor. Still has amazing damage and amazing control, so unlikely to fall too much further.

– Drops down a bit due to slow cycle skill and damage can be managed by high DEF and resist from epic armor..

Great Tier (Still very strong heroes, focus on keeping these leveled also)

arrow-144-xxlSpellsword – Mass dispel utility, Haste and good damage on power strike, don’t leave her unchecked.
arrow-144-xxlDruid – Moves up due to high defense and resists.
arrow-144-xxlRanger – Good defense, good DPS with multi shot, she will become a no emotion immortal monster if you leave her unchecked.
arrow-144-xxlCleric – Cleanse, Resurrect and all resist moves her back up the rankings.
signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Samurai – Continues to provide great debuff support, as well as taunting.
arrow-144-xxlKnight – Taunt, High DEF/HP/Armor makes him a decent tank to cover your team members.
arrow-144-xxlWarlock – With dodge and Wand of Endless Suffering turning her into a 2nd Archmage.

Good Tier (Heroes that offer good utility, or decent damage)

down_download_circle_arrow_menu-128Necromancer – Moves down due to common situations where the enemy has a back line taunter whilst your team is melee, meaning you can’t target your important debuffs onto the front line targets you need to kill quickly.
signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Warmaster – Able to achieve 2000+ per hit from Shield of Valor buff damage, also with Ambusher (-15% enemy dodge), you are able to one-shot a non-plate wearer.
arrow-144-xxlBarbarian – Reducing target’s defense for only 25 soul points is extremely strong. True damage and high resist/armor/HP. These combined allow her a last longer to become a surprise killer.
down_download_circle_arrow_menu-128Templar – Nice tank and nice DPS, but group resurrect may not be enough if your team is already losing by too much.
down_download_circle_arrow_menu-128Kensai – Low HP, inner focus is very slow to re-cycle. His abilities and crits can be exciting but not reliable.
signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Monk – Nice DEF/ATK, but needs to be tested more. Seems like he is a one man show that doesn’t quite fit into any team combinations currently.
down_download_circle_arrow_menu-128Archer – Cycles fast, good damage but HP is too low.

Average Tier (Use if you must, or in a specialized lineup)

signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Thief – Fast but still low damage
– Dodge team may rise due to higher %dodge when heroes star is up
– Decent tank, lacking a taunt. Provides good defensive buffs, and his avenge ability to one shot a lot of DPS if they are not prepared.
signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Cavalier – slow cycle, not good soul ability

Bad Tier (Could be made to work with exceptional gear or a specialized lineup, but generally better options)

signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Ninja – Group stun/damage is good but still too situational and he low def/hp
– No comment
signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Swashbuckler – Too situational AKA luck depend. #makeswashgreatagain
– No comment

Trash Tier (Don’t bother with these heroes until they get a change in a patch!)


Fighter – Still low damage even he has fast cycle
signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Mage – No comment
Witch – No commentsignal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048
– Low def made him not viable

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below on which heroes YOU think are not rated correctly in our Meta Report.

A big thanks to Ravenplus for providing the data behind this months report!

About us: We at TKHQ are a group of players passionate about all aspects of the game, be it PVP or PVE content. If you’d like to join us, or feel you could contribute great information to the community please get in touch with us!



  1. Ahriman Mazda on

    You should move the paladin up one rank. The avenge one shot gave me the win in pvp 10 times in a row today, the only thing that stopped me was a Blackgard, Shaman, Archmage, Amazon team.

  2. I agree. Paladin is better than you rate it!
    Also the monk. If you think about his stun resist, and also he can be a good aid in controling a stun party.