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PVP Meta Report #5 – March


Sorry about the delay in getting this months report out! As we mentioned in our news post, we felt the need to adjust to a more end of month style report, reviewing our findings for the previous month, and looking ahead to future months.

There has also been a lack of high level PVP as the long term players wait for the newer global release players to catch up, which has resulted to us needing to talk to others, and to do some of our own internal testing.


As with last months report (Ravenplus) we have brought another guest in to do the latest report and hero commentaries. This month we’ve asked Popovic, who was consistently at the top of the PVP rankings right through beta, and is currently sitting at level 50 waiting for the ‘global releasers’ to catch up! Popovic is the leader of one of the top guilds, Hard Nut, and you can get involved with them, and many others over on the Tower Keepers HQ discord (you can join discord HERE for free and take part in the discussions)

We also plan to change the format up for next month’s meta reporting, instead looking to group and rank heroes by type (Damage/Tank/Support etc.) so you can get a better idea of which hero is the best in their respective roles.

If you want some tips on how to assemble a powerful team, you can read  one of our other guides focused on this  here

Exceptional Tier (Pick of the heroes. Make sure to focus on these heroes if you want to do well)

signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Blackguard – Still the undisputed champion mainly due to the fact that he can tank and do damage at the same time.
– Exceptional damage and cycling of abilities make this hero one of the best damage dealers in the game.

– Great aoe damage soul skill, crowd control through polymorph and high defenses through passive skills is what this hero is all about..

arrow-144-xxlCleric –
The power of supports is usually not regarded highly and yet a hero like cleric can easily turn the tide of battle. Heal, resist aura, cleanse and resurrect rightfully earn her the spot in the exceptional tier.

Great Tier (Still very strong heroes, focus on keeping these leveled also)

signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Spellsword – With so many overwhelmingly powerful buffs in this game this unique hero represents the best answer. With mass dispel soul skill, Spellsword can turn some of the seemingly impenetrable enemy parties into a child’s play.
– The best healer in the game capable of slowing down enemy and speeding up ally ability cycling.
– Good damage dealer with good survivability that can ramp up her damage with her stacking soul skill buff.
signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Monk – Excellent tank with extremely high defense, self heals and stuns. Can also provide stun resistance aura for the team.
signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Samurai – Good tank with high resistances and a very powerful attack debuff.
– I the definition of a tank. High defenses, large health pool, damage reducing abilities and taunt. However this wouldn’t be enough to keep the knight in the great tier if it weren’t for his stacking soul skill buff.
– Drops down to the great tier. Her ability to provide damage on demand is still great, however not enough to keep her in the exceptional tier as it does not provide a significant overall damage boost.
– I all about the damage and she does that really well but do not expect anything more from her.

Good Tier (Heroes that offer good utility, or decent damage)

arrow-144-xxlBarbarian – Amazing soul skill at very low casting cost combined with her good damage move this hero to the  top of the good tier.
– Still the master of survivability and reducing enemy defenses..
signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Warmaster – Good support hero. Offers a ton of buffs but lacks utility.
– Can perform well as a tank and a damage dealer, but nothing out of the ordinary. Her soul skill makes her a thorn in the eye when she is used as a back line tank.
– Another good support hero that offers a lot of buffs but also lacks in the utility department.
– Good damage and self buffs. Very squishy.
– Good damage and the definition of a squishy hero.

Average Tier (Use if you must, or in a specialized lineup)

signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Thief – Good damage and fast cycling but easily negated with high enemy armor values.
– Good support hero, her soul ability is great but the casting cost is too high.
signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Cavalier – Cycles very slow to provide any significant damage, average tank and her soul ability is a double edged sword.

Bad Tier (Could be made to work with exceptional gear or a specialized lineup, but generally better options)

signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Pirate – Average damage, his resist and armor buff are very good.
signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Ninja – OK damage and soul ability. OK hero just to fill the ranks.
signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Swashbuckler – OK when used as a tank, but too luck dependent to be reliable. #makeswashgreatagain
– Average damage, soul ability can provide some crowd control but is too luck dependent.

Trash Tier (Don’t bother with these heroes until they get a change in a patch!)


Fighter – OK when used as a tank. Damage too low and reduced to nothing with high enemy armor values.
signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048Mage – OK damage.
Witch – Has some good utilities for supporting. Needs to be explored more.signal-circle-with-an-horizontal-line_318-44048
– Certain party builds may show up where this hero will shine but for now he needs to be explored more.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below on which heroes YOU think are not rated correctly in our Meta Report.

A big thanks to Popovic for providing the data behind this months report!

About us: We at TKHQ are a group of players passionate about all aspects of the game, be it PVP or PVE content. If you’d like to join us, or feel you could contribute great information to the community please get in touch with us!


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