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Healer Heroes


Healer heroes in Tower Keepers are the underdogs of all heroes. Although they remain low in health and attack, they certainly make up for it in their massive healing abilities.



Cleric: Although an easily obtainable beginner hero, the cleric is arguably the best hero in the game. Her soulstones are very easy to obtain and she can hold three healing abilities at the same time. One of her passive skills can boost the amount she heals, and her soul skill can ressurect a hero from the dead. If you are looking for a dedicated healer, the cleric is your girl!



Currently none…



Druid: The Druid is currently the only rare healer in the game. She too has three dedicated healing abilities, but it is somewhat difficult to unlock all three slots. Her soul skill includes allows her to heal her party tremendously and one of her passive skills can boost all of her healing. If you are mid-game and have enough Druid soulstones to level her up, don’t be shy… upgrade her!


Ultra Rare

Currently none…



Currently none…


Tower Keepers, being a relatively new game, doesn’t have many heroes in the “healer” class. We are certain that in the very near future, many new heroes (healers especially) will be added. Many “support” heroes also include partial healing abilites along with some decent attack power. Check them out here!

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  1. Witch has heals as uncommon, BG and Necro both have self heals, additionally utility and support units typically include heroes like Mystic, Warmaster, Necromancer and Samurai who although they don’t have any active heals improve team survivability by an equal measure using support abilities like Demon, Shout, Fear and others.

    If you need some write ups to post here just let me know man, and check us out at the Keepers Corner on YouTube!

  2. Just FYI, the term is “Super Rare”, not “Ultra Rare” as shown in the article. Minor mistake 🙂