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Tower Defense Guide Pt.2 – Monsters


Hunting for monsters:

So you’ve read the first part of this guide and decided to go for it. You go to your tower and look at your monsters and realise that you don’t have the ones you want to use. You then have two choices: either give up on this and go outside yell at trees or cars depending on where you live, or go hunting for monsters. I would recommend the second solution.

Where do you go from here? First of all, be aware that monster hunting can be frustrating at times. You can do a bunch of runs and only get scrolls, wood and skill points for a while then suddenly you’ll get a monster. Repetition is the key, we’re facing a random number generator.

The highest level monster that can drop is determined by your keeper level +3. So at keeper level 50 you can get up to level 53 monsters and at 55 you can get up to 58. That can mean that at times it will be better to hold off on levelling a monster if it is below that level and you’re close to levelling up. For instance, I had a level 55 overseer in my tower that I didn’t level until I became level 54 and found a level 57 one instead.

Evokers and Inquisitors can drop just about anywhere. Not in the first campaigns obviously but I’ve seen them drop in tower attacks, in catacombs and in green daily chests. In fact, I got my first 3 inquisitors from green chests.

The Witch’s campaign is also a good place to get all the desirable monsters as set drops, but they will drop at a low level. You get one overseer at level 38, one evoker at level 27 and one inquisitor at level 30. They can take a while to level up but if you have no others, these can be useful.

3-18 extreme can be a good place to get lower level monsters to get those up in level. If you find the monsters you’re getting to be of too low a level, try 4-18 either on hard or extreme.

6-16 extreme is a gold mine. It’s an easy level since all attackers are melee except for the spider in the first round so team composition isn’t too hard to figure out and I have found a plethora of different and valuable monsters there. Overseers aren’t too uncommon a drop there, as are lesser demons (great for levelling up overseers and inquisitors) and I also found 2 vampire lords and 1 demonic watcher. You WILL find a ton of scrolls and training points but if you keep at it you will also find good stuff.  This level also drops black fist enforcers, vile assassins, dark fanatics and a couple of other monsters. Keep all monsters that drop.

6-18 extreme is a bit harder and not as easy to simply afk (attack and stay away from keyboard) but it has its use. Like all boss stages it can drop up to two monsters which can be more efficient when hunting. However, in all my runs there I only ever get demons. Great when you want to level up an inquisitor or overseer but not so great when you’re trying to level up an evoker.

When you go to level up a monster, pay attention to its type (Warrior, Damage Dealer, Support) as monsters of the same type will give a 50% bonus. The combine screen will automatically sort same type monsters at the top of your list with a +50% displayed in the lower left hand corner before displaying non matching type monsters by level in descending order. Also, monster rarity affects how much you get from combining the monster. An uncommon monster will give more than a common one, and so on.

Some people tend to level up monsters one by one, which will mean that you get one max and then move on to the next. I myself will sometimes max one but tend to level them up as a group: get everyone one more level then move on to the next level. This can add survivability since if you have 3 evokers, 2 of them level about 40-50 and one at level 65 only one will survive a meteor storm or a shadowy censer attack. If instead they are all level 60, they have a better chance of surviving as a group and get 3 debuffs instead of just one. Try to use monster boosters on the higher level monsters where they can be efficient and if possible on the monsters you have a harder time levelling up. For me, that means using them on my demonic watcher since I don’t get as many damage dealers but I also use combine boosters on evokers since I almost never get support type monsters. Monster boosters drop from special campaigns such as, Item Quest, they provide a +100% bonus to combine with any monster type and come in various levels and rarities just like monsters.

When using multiple overseers on a floor, levelling them up by one level each makes a lot more sense than trying to max one and then move on to the next. Higher levels need more monsters and cost more gold and, for overseers a level up gives +2 on warcry. Better get two of them one more level than one of them 2 levels once they’re all the same level.

Levelling up monsters is expensive but essential. On an average day where I’m not hunting monsters and just use what drops from catacombs, green chests and tower attacks I can spend about 30-45k. On monster hunting days I sometimes spend over 100k. You obviously don’t have to push it as far as that but I’m giving those figures to give you a ballpark.

And, in case you didn’t realize, you can only combine monsters of the same level or lower.

You can read the next part here!

Huge thanks to Athanatos of guild Awesome with help from Ashbringing for writing this amazing guide for the community to read



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