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Tower Keepers Tips

We’ve put together a master list of beginner and advanced Tower Keepers tips to help take your game to the next level. From the wizard tower to the team battles in PVP, the below should helpfully help you progress just that little bit quicker than everyone else.

Got a tip? Leave a comment below to add it to the list, we’ll be sure to credit you for the awesome tip.


General Tips

  • For PVE content, the amount of tower XP you get is equal to the food you are spending.
  • For tower attacks, the xp is equal to the total level of your heroes used
  • For team battles, the xp is the total level of heroes multiplied by 2
  • Armor vs Defense difference? Armor is a flat % reduction in damage taken from physical attacks. Defense is compared to the attackers “Attack skill” if it is higher, then the attacker gets no +damage bonus to their attack (say from items etc.)
  • Read more general tips in our beginners game guide.

PVP Tips

  • The initiative modifier you see on gear determines who starts the battle first – this generally means your heroes will attack first, and keep cycling through their abilities before the other team. Ability cool down reduces the amount of time between each time a skill is used. Both these stats are very important for PVP.
  • Get some tips on building your hero team for PVP in our PVP guide.
  • Then check out this months PVP meta report to find out what heroes to pick this month.

Catacomb Tips

  • When battling in the catacombs, you get rewards based on the number of heroes surviving at the end. So whilst it may seem cheaper to send in less heroes (if it’s easy) you are reducing your rewards whilst increasing the clear time. It’s not actually more efficient.

Tower Tips

  • You will get better rewards when attacking other peoples tower based on how many floors YOUR tower has. So there is another reason to keep adding floors to your tower.
  • Chill auras from the crafting “Chill Turrets” do not stack, so it’s not worthwhile to have more than 1 or 2 per floor.

    Daily Quest Tips

    • Completing daily “beat 10 campaign with X heroes” can be done easily by just quickly completing mission 1-1 on normal with whatever is required (even if it is only level 1!)
    • Be sure to select “Find Loot” from the hero information page. This has a 10 hour cool down per hero, but will give you skill scrolls and occasionally a hero token as well! (Thanks to Ronzz for the tip)
    • Daily campaigns are a good way to get some additional rewards. Check out our Masons Isle campaign guide.

    Crafting Tips

    • You can search for crafting materials, just tap the material you are looking for on the bottom toolbar in the crafting menu and tap “Find More”
    • To give you an idea of what you need to save for when looking for future crafting recipes – a epic plate chest will set you back the below:
    • It’s not worth crafting too many items for the first 30 levels – gear sub level 30 is exceptionally easy to obtain. The materials required to craft even these lowly items is not so easy to obtain however!
    • You get the epic crafting recipes from chests (epic missions or PVP), however you need to have all the preceding recipes learnt for an item type before the epic recipe will drop for you!
    • The best method to get your artisan points at this stage is through your feast hall – the grand feast gives a lot of artisan points for you to level your crafters up, so don’t neglect this!
    • You can actually save the purple chests you get from epic quests. These are a great source of recipes, so if you have the restraint, it is best to save these until you have enough recipes unlocked and ready to learn. (note it doesn’t currently show them stored in game, but it does store them)
    • Check out our guide on all the currently available epic crafted gear.

    Gem Tips

    • When you watch ad’s to increase progression – you will often see the “No ad’s available, please check again later” message. Simply wait 15-20 seconds and try again and it will work. Note that this will not take you past the 10 videos per hour cap.
    • If you are short on gems, but don’t want to spend any more (or watch any ads) remember we have a weekly gem giveaway that everyone is eligible for. Check out our Gem giveaway here to sign up!

    Item/Equipment Tips

    • You will only be able to combine monsters and items that are the same or lower level. It’s handy to save those lower level monsters and items as you will sometimes get a “epic” level 8 monster you will want to level up.

    General Battle Tips

    • You probably know about targeting enemy heroes to focus attacks on them, but did you know you can also highlight a specific hero on your own team by simply tapping on them. By doing so, moves such as healing and buffing will be applied specifically on them, instead of the move picking a random hero.
    • Moves that buff heroes do stack! Certain moves raise defenses, resistances, and even give bonus hp. If you want one hero to become a powerhouse, or protect one from certain doom, keep that in mind.
    • Doing damage with soul skills also gives you soul points, sometimes it might be best to use a skill like firestorm before resurrect to get a bit more from your team
    • Often the best way to reduce your soul skill cool down (say if a ability can’t be used again for 6 turns) is to use a small cheap soul skill. It’s better to use a turn up on your own skill than to watch the other team beat on you in those same turns!
    • If you run (Warmaster – Call to Arms) and (Thief – Greater Dodge) in the same party, you can get Greater Dodge to cast so frequently that it becomes essentially a passive skill. No downtime (Thanks to Srsly Guise for the tip)

    Got tips that you want to share? Put them in the comments below and we’ll add them to the list (and credit you)!

    About us: We at TKHQ are a group of players passionate about all aspects of the game, be it PVP or PVE content. If you’d like to join us, or feel you could contribute great information to the community please get in touch with us!


  1. One tip i’ve recently realised – it’s pretty useful to use the FIND LOOT button on any heroes you want to level up or improve the soul stars for. You get scrolls for that hero and soul stones sometimes. It has a 10 hour cool down for each hero so you can only do this once a day.

  2. If you click on a chicken in your town, you will get +1 food! It’s both satisfying and a great way to squeeze together some extra needed food!

  3. Don’t waste your training points on the first common/uncommon heroes the first few levels.The more they level up, the more training points they need to level up the next time.When you become a very high keeper level, you’ll know what I mean

  4. Don’t waste your training points on the first common/uncommon heroes the first few levels.The more they level up, the more training points they need to level up the next time.When you become a very high keeper level, you’ll know what I mean.

  5. If you can save training, skill points, scrolls you don’t really need to use to hit future event milestones focused on using them.

  6. Sometimes it will proc an amount of food equal to your Town Level. For example, level 52, the chicken will occasionally give you 52 food.

  7. 1. Chill Turrets now stack, actually. You may try to enter the tower with 1 turret and the tower with 4 turrets, and you’ll see the big difference between them.
    2. Tickets in the Wizard Tower do not transfer from one tower to another. Thus, if you had 9 tickets in WT and then it has ended and started again, you won’t get your 9 tickets back.
    3. Stacked buffs on heros do not transfer to the next round. Example: your Ranger has got 500 additional HP from its soul skill in 1st round, but when the 2nd round will come, this HP will be lost.
    4. The recipes for Epic armor/weapons can now be found in any chest (can’t make a screenshot, but I’ve got Epic recipes from normal chests in Daily campaigns twice already, and in usual campaigns too). As of my experience, the quality of the chest affects only the chance of getting such recipe.
    5. Any wall in Treasure Tower (Spiked, Iron, etc.) blocks almost all the attacks on the character that is standing behind it (“almost” means approx. 97%, so there’s a little chance that the attack will hit the character, not the wall; line-attacks do not count, because they hit everything in a line).
    6. The “Wizard’s Chosen” hero battles have a chance of dropping a chest. You can get any type of chest from these battles: normal, rare and epic (checked).

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