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What To Spend Gems On


Unlike most other free-to-play games, Tower Keepers doesn’t require you to purchase gems in order to progress in the game as much as many other games do. Here we have assembled a list of what we believe you should spend your gems on.

1. Hero leveling supplies: Yes I know beginners typically enjoy using gems to get Soul Stones to obtain new heroes, but once you get into mid-game territory you can easily unlock all the heroes without any gems used. Your best bet is to buy skill points to level up your main heros’ skills to make them exponentially stronger. You can also (if necessary) purchase training points to level up your heroes, but you should have enough just by playing the game.

2. Food: Like many other games, many of your attacks are limited by a resource which in this case is “food”. During campaign missions you want to make sure you get through as many normal, hard, and extreme difficulty levels as possible because they all reward you with a nice chest at the end for first time completions. If you complete an entire difficulty of a mission, an extra rewards chest is given with loads of training points, artisan points, food, and gold! In order to efficiently complete all of a difficulty, it will take a large amount of food which can be refilled when necessary with your gems. Although it is time consuming, this is a great way to get tons of resources.

3. Gold: What! Gold? Why would you buy gold with gems when you can just buy gold directly for a better deal? It is all explained here. if you want to find out why, but for now I’ll tell you why you want gold. Gold is arguably the most precious resource in the game as it is used in crafting, and purchasing specific soulstones in the shop. Gold is not super easily attainable, but can certainly be mustered up overtime. If you want to evolve a certain hero or craft them some decent armor, will likely be your limiting factor.

Got other ways to spend gems? Tell us in the comments!


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